• Advocacy

    SNAC International actively engages in the development of legislation and regulations that impact its members' ability to manufacture and market their products.

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  • Networking

    SNAC International's primary mission is to provide value for its members by offering services and relationship building forums that strengthen the performance.

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  • Education

    SNAC International helps its members remain on the leading edge of knowledge needed to successfully manage and grow their businesses.

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The Three Pillars of SNAC International: Advocacy, Networking, and Education

Upon these three cornerstones, SNAC International creates resources which fuel and reinforce value for its members by offering services and relationship building forums in support of industry growth and dynamic relevance. Since 1937, SNAC International has been the leading international trade association of the snack industry, representing over 400 snack manufacturers, marketers, and suppliers worldwide.


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Snack Food Association Announces New Name as SNAC International

It's no secret that snacking – and the snack food industry – has evolved since the Snack Food Association was founded in 1937.  Snacking is an increasingly important part of day-to-day life and food manufacturers are offering new choices for consumers looking for quick, diverse options that fit their busy lifestyles. Today, the association is excited to announce a new name and identity as SNAC International to reflect the changing marketplace. To learn more about our rebranding, click here.