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SNAC, Circana Make Real-Time Market Data Available to Members

Exclusive member benefit allows members to analyze opportunities in snacking and retail

At SNAC International, we are always looking for opportunities to use the power of our organization to add value for our association members. We have created a new partnership with Circana to provide a value-added benefit to SNAC members: complimentary access to Circana data. With members of all sizes belonging to SNAC, some with more challenged market research budgets, we wanted to give all our members access to the latest market data and analysis tools that are often otherwise accessible only to those with larger budgets.

SNAC members can now access Circana data  on sales including department, aisle and category performance across time periods, measures and product selection. The data is refreshed regularly so that you will always have the latest information. Members-only access includes:

  • Quarterly sales with 5 years back data
  • Weekly sales with 5 years back data
  • Department, aisle, and category performance
    • Time periods: latest 4, 12 and 52 weeks
    • Measures: dollar sales, unit sales, volume sales, ACV weighted distribution, average weekly ACV weighted distribution, total points of distribution and change vs. year ago for all of these measures
    • Product selection: 17 food categories, including savory snacks (and all relevant subcategories like potato chips, tortilla chips, popcorn, pork rinds etc.), dry fruit snacks, snack nuts, meat snacks, and much more. 

To access this information, visit the SNAC Member Resources page. You will be prompted to login. Once you login, you’ll see this:

Click that visual to enter the Circana portal for access to the sales data. When you are logged in, you’ll see various topic areas. You can then click around to access any data you need related to the snacks categories and other relevant aisles/categories.

If you have any questions or issues accessing the data, please contact David Walsh at

We hope that you enjoy this extra benefit of being a SNAC International member and that you have the chance to make the most of this powerful business intelligence tool customized for your business.