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Winners of SNX Flavor Showdown and SNAC Tank Pitch Competition Announced

What: SNAC International is excited to announce the winners of the SNAC Tank and Flavor Showdown competitions held at SNX this past week.

Flavor Showdown Winner: Chesapeake Spice Chesapeake Spice’s El Valle Fajita flavor took home the 2024 Flavor of the Year award. The Texas-inspired, bold and vibrant flavor stood out, taking attendees on a savory journey that made their taste buds jump! This flavor pairs perfectly with tortilla chips, potato chips, pork rinds, popcorn, and other snacks.

SNAC Tank Winner: Confetti Snacks Led by Founder and CEO Betty Lu, Confetti Snacks won first place and a $10,000 prize for their innovative veggie chips that brought together flavors from all over the world using upcycled produce to fight food waste and hunger. These plant-based veggie chips are made from nutrient dense, colorful veggies, gluten-free and low in starch.

SNAC Tank Audience Choice Winner: Good Journey Donuts Good Journey Donuts’ guilt-free donuts are designed to cater to low-carb, keto, and diabetic dietary needs. They are gluten free, provide half of the fiber you need in a day, and are incredibly delicious! Represented by co-founder Kristoffer Quiaoit, Good Journey Donuts was honored with the audience choice vote.

Where: The Flavor Showdown and SNAC Tank Pitch Competition were both held at SNAC International’s biennial education and collaboration forum, SNX, in Dallas, Texas.

Why: In addition to the title, these winners established valuable connections and leading industry mentors to help grow their brands.

When: The competitions were held April 14-16, 2024.