As the only snack-centric trade association, SNAC creates connections and opportunities and fosters collaboration across all industry stakeholders.

SNAC’s Educational and Networking events deliver value to all levels of its members’ organizations,
helping them grow in a constantly shifting business landscape.

Technical Resources

To deliver increased value to members, SNAC International has developed its Technical Resources Program. This program was developed in conjunction with SNAC International members and includes custom-tailored webinars and workshops based on the current and expected technical and regulatory environments. This program continues to develop and evolve based on member needs.

Have a topic you’d like to see covered in our Technical Resources Program?

Sample Topics Include:

  • Acrylamide 101
  • Product and Label Transparency: Making Nutrition and Health Labeling Claims
  • Bioengineered Food Disclosure Proposed Rule
  • Prop 65: What the Snack Industry Needs to Know
  • FSMA Enforcement
  • Sanitation Best Practices for the Snack Industry

Leadership Development

Emerging Leaders Program


A unique educational opportunity tailored for rising stars in the snack industry, this event combines leadership training with team-building exercises, communication skills and real-world problem-solving. Through the Emerging Leaders Program, SNAC is investing in the professional development of its member companies by providing them access to leading business professors from the prestigious Georgetown University.  This event is free for members to attend.

Emerging Leaders Program 2.0


Graduates of Emerging Leaders 1.0 and professionals nominated by their companies are invited to accelerate their professional development with this “next-level” program featuring in-depth lectures and interactive strategy sessions. This program will help rising leaders develop the necessary skills to continue their managerial journey, including: driving collaboration and innovation; cultivating networks and partnerships, inspiring teams to greatness, mastering decision dynamics, and personal branding. This event is free for members to attend.

Webinars on Demand

Webinar Slides: Startups at SNAXPO

Webinar Slides: Mid-Term Overview with Jim Ellis

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Webinar Slides: WinS: Aligning Your Leadership Brand with Your Guiding Compass

Webinar image

WinS: Aligning Your Leadership Brand with Your Guiding Compass

Webinar image

Webinar Recording: WinS: Aligning Your Leadership Brand with Your Guiding Compass

Webinar image

Sodium Reduction Targets Webinar

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Extruded Snacks Technical Course


SNAC partners with Texas A&M University to offer this annual technical workshop. The course trains production personnel in principles and characteristics of extruders and support systems for effective selection and operation, reviews current practices for preparation of fried corn chips, corn tortilla chips, traditional extruded snacks as well as snacks made with alternative ingredients.  The course will also include live equipment demonstrations to familiarize attendees with practical aspects of processing technology. SNAC members receive a 10% discount on registration fees. The technical workshop is held the week before SNAXPO each year.

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