Episode 3 – Committing to Change

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From route truck driver to department head of supply chain, Dan Sifer spent 25 years climbing the ranks at Herr Foods Inc. Working in the food industry for most of his life, Sifer learned about customer service and persistence at his father’s butcher shop. His father’s dedication and passion to help others helped Sifer realize that “what you do is more important than just being work.” This sentiment sparked his commitment to champion change, especially in regard to ensuring diversity at Herr Foods Inc. In this interview, Sifer opens up about being a WinS Steering Committee Co-Chair, building and leading a team that’s 80% female, leveraging advice from his daughter, and an evolving snack industry in need of female talent.

SNAC Cast episode 3

Dan Sifer, SVP of Supply Chain and Contract Manufacturing, Herr Foods Inc.

“It’s important to support change, and I believe it (fostering growth for female executives) is one of the most glaring opportunities we have to catch up in our industry. When you consider the way people eat and the change in the overall workforce, it’s our responsibility as leaders and we really should’ve been doing this kind of work a couple decades ago.”

Dan Sifer

About the Speaker

With 36 years of snack industry experience, Dan Sifer has multiple perspectives to aid him in making decisions at Herr Foods Inc. Sifer currently serves as SVP of Supply Chain and Contract Manufacturing at Herr’s in Nottingham, Pennsylvania. He has served many positions at Herr’s since 1981, including route truck driver, and has led the supply chain team for 10 years. Sifer also served as SNAC’s Chairman in 2008 where he pushed for the association to attract start-up brands and urged snack companies to get ahead of the changing industry by catering to younger generations.