Webinar: The Snack Journey: Where We Are and Where We’re Going, April 10 at 2pm EDT

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April 10, 2024, 2pm | Webinar: The Snack Journey: Where We Are and Where We’re Going

Join us as we explore what U.S. consumers are snacking on in and out of home from a macro and core snacking perspective, including consumer shifts across the day. Circana’s Sally Lyons Wyatt and Darren Seifer, and SNAC International’s Christine Cochran, will provide their insights on consumer motivations, needs, and goals.

The presenters will also give you a look into the recent performance of the U.S. snacking industry and actionable ideas for future category success.

This session will explore:

  • Consumers changes on when, where, how, and what they shop and consume.
  • Cohorts helping drive growth and those who have declined in volume.
  • How inflation, mobility, social media, product innovations, and out-of-home experiences are transforming snacking.
  • When and how consumer snack choices differ by generation and income groups, and what snack choices are trending with each.  
  • The actions that will help fuel growth going forward.


Sally Lyons Wyatt
Global EVP & Chief Advisor, Consumer Goods & Foodservice Insights, Circana
Darren Seifer
Executive Director, Industry Analyst, Food & Beverage, Circana
Christine Cochran
President & CEO
SNAC International