Circle of Honor Past Winners

In March 1994, SNAC International began the Circle of Honor Award program to recognize the achievements of snack food executives who have been leaders in their companies and the association.  Congratulations to our past winners and their commitment to the snack industry.

Year Award Recipient
2023 Alf and Nadia Taylor, tna Solutions
2021 Barry Levin, Snak King
2019 Terry Groff, Reading Bakery Systems
2017 Richard King, Utz Quality Foods
2015 Vern and Steven Aanenson, Old Dutch Foods, Inc.
2013 Bob Shearer, Shearer’s Foods, Inc.
2011 Earl Wise, Wise Foods, Inc.
2009 Michael A. Warehime, Snyder’s of Hanover, Inc.
2007 Bill Mann & Bill Huggins, Pretzels, Incorporated
2005 Michael Rice, Utz Quality Foods, Inc.
2003 Warren Brown, Wyandot, Inc.
2001 John Rudolph, Rudolph Foods Company, Inc.
1999 Leslie C. Mapp, Mike-sell’s Potato Chip Company
Heinz Flessner, Bahlsen Snacks, GmbH & Co.
John Kelley, Kelley-Perry, Inc.

Leonard Japp, Sr., Jays Foods, Inc.
Miles Willard, Miles Willard Company
Ryuichi Ishida, Ishida Company Ltd.

Special Mention: Dr. Wilbur Gould, Ohio State University/SFA Potato Consultant
1997 James S. Herr, Herr Foods, Inc.
Clark K. Benson, Heat and Control, Inc.
1996 Harvey F. Noss, SFA Founder
William H. Bryce, Jr., Bryce Corporation
1995 Sloan Bashinsky, Golden Flake Snack Foods, Inc.
Daniel E. Woodman, The Woodman Company
1994 Herman W. Lay, Frito-Lay, Inc.
J. Erskine Love, Jr., Printpack Inc.