Episode 7 – Keeping an Open Mind

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Lisa Stern, a self-proclaimed “doer,” opens up on how to take advantage of every opportunity you’re given, how to ask for what you want and how to see the positive in every negative situation. While bartending, Stern met and networked with a customer who coincidentally ended up working for a startup flavor company — the company that would soon offer Stern her first job out of college.

Capitalizing on her opportunities again, Stern used her downtime at this rapidly growing startup to identify areas for growth, research market trends and secure new target markets — positioning herself as a valuable team member who was willing to take initiative on new projects, leading to a 15 year career with the company. While taking a  break to focus on her children, Stern stayed involved in the food industry by chairing various committees at her kids’ school, including one that planned international cuisine days centered around food trends. After her hiatus, Stern reached out to a contact at LifeSpice on LinkedIn and pitched herself as the ideal candidate for the company’s open position. When contemplating making these bold moves to reach your goals, Stern offers this advice: “Don’t be afraid to ask for what you deserve — you need to ask for it.”

SNAC Cast episode 7

Lisa Stern, SVP of Sales & Marketing, LifeSpice Ingredients

“I think for any team or any person to be successful, as an individual or as a group, you need a mix. I think if you just get one perspective, you’re not going to see the whole picture. I always tell my team ‘it depends on your vantage point when you’re looking at a problem’. If you change your vantage point, you’re going to have different insight, and it’s really going to help you learn to overcome problems or to approach them in new ways.”

Lisa Stern

About the Speaker

As SVP of Sales and Marketing, Lisa is instrumental in establishing and executing the vision, planning, and direction of LifeSpice. Lisa’s Team includes Sales, Marketing, Technical Services and Customer Service. She has a special ability of guiding, motivating and leading her team to execute on a daily basis. In a world where cravable experiences are the target, Lisa helps LifeSpice understand emerging trends, flavors and needs of sophisticated culinary focused customers.

Prior to LifeSpice, Lisa spent 15 years at Wynn Starr Flavors, and was an integral part in the transformation of the company from a small start-up into one of the leading companies in reaction flavor systems, collaborating with Fortune 100 companies to launch numerous new products throughout Grocery and various QSRs.

Lisa earned her Bachelor’s degree in Political Science with a concentration in Marketing from Fairleigh Dickenson University. She resides in New Jersey with her husband and two college age children. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, gardening, yoga and hiking.

lisa stern