Episode 2 – Perseverance and Perspective

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Megan Reamer never imagined she would own and operate a snack company, especially after taking 12 years off from working to care for her four children. Reamer’s brand, Jackson’s Honest, was born out of the necessity for nutritional changes that her eldest son required to cope with his rare autoimmune disease. After intense trial and error of different diets, Reamer and her husband found Jackson’s condition responded well to “healthy fats” — a discovery that leads to the first-ever coconut oil based chip brand. This innovation filled a gap in the snack industry sought after by health enthusiasts and other equally desperate parents.

With no CPG experience and a sick child, Reamer used this promise of positive change for others to fuel the mission and growth of Jackson’s Honest — encouraging health and happiness through great tasting snacks. Through channeling her authentic vulnerability and leaning on a supportive community of customers, farmers and other snack industry leaders, Jackson’s Honest grew from the Reamer’s small kitchen in Denver, Colorado to multiple manufacturing facilities. For women looking to chase their passions and to make a lasting positive difference in the world, Reamer emphasizes the importance of being comfortable being uncomfortable and channeling  perpetual optimism in the face of an unrelenting reality.

SNAC Cast episode 2

Megan reamer, co-founder & Ceo, JAckson's honest

“For my kids, it was really exciting. It was a way for them to celebrate their brother and their brother’s story in this really healthy and interesting way. When we would go to Whole Foods, Natural Grocers or King Soopers and see these case stacks of Jackson’s Honest chips, my kids were so proud, and are still so proud.”

Megan Reamer

About the Speaker

Megan Reamer started her career at Dow Jones & Co. as a staff reporter for The Wall Street Journal and a copy editor for Dow Jones News Service where she wrote about finance, earnings reports and mergers and acquisitions. She transitioned to Accenture where she focused on business development.

Once she and her husband, Scott, started a family, she stayed home with their four children. They were inspired to share their son Jackson’s journey through a rare autoimmune disease that robbed him of his gross and fine motor skills. Megan and Scott changed Jackson’s diet in such a profound way that they decided to share this information with a wider audience through one of the products they were making at home: potato and tortilla chips cooked in organic coconut oil. From this trial and error, the Jackson’s Honest brand was born.