Episode 12 – An Insider’s Perspective on Emerging Brands During and Post-COVID

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As part of SNAC’s commitment to help early stage snack companies succeed, we offer 1 year of Emerge Network membership to new and current SNAC Members to help growing brands thrive through access to educational content, mentors, visibility opportunities and more.  

Growing up in France, Julie Pryor has always appreciated the art and science of food and its ability to facilitate connection. This admiration lead Pryor to begin her advertising career with food and retail brands where she learned about the importance of bringing brands to life.

After her experiences working for Earth Fare, Ahold, Whole Foods, and FMI (Food Marketing Institute), where she served as Director, Emerging Brands, Pryor transitioned to spearheading FMI’s Emerge program as an independent entity. Emerge is a learning and networking community designed to help growing CPG manufacturers become healthier trading partners and scale sustainably in expanding distribution, growing e-commerce, operations, sales and securing financing. Pryor and her team help grow CPG brands by providing them with industry mentors and education that they can use to navigate the CPG, food and grocery retail space more effectively, and implement and execute their plans and strategies successfully.

During COVID-19, consumers are demanding convenience and healthier foods and beverages, made with cleaner ingredients and yielding positive environmental and social impacts. According to Pryor, these trends have brought forth great opportunities for small and emerging brands that are positioned to meet the needs of conscious consumers and are more agile in their approach to connecting with their target audiences. Pryor discusses how this agility of growing CPG teams paired with the current COVID-19 consumer purchasing behaviors has allowed many innovative brands and Emerge members to pivot successfully this year.

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1:21 – Julie Pryor’s Career Journey

6:58 – Launching FMI Emerge Program

17:48 – COVID’s Effect on Emerging Brands

21:50 – Future of Growth for Emerging Brands

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“Emerging brands are considered to be the lifeblood of our industry. Connecting the teams so they can get to know each other and learn from one another has been really powerful.”

Julie Pryor

About the Speaker

Julie is passionate about working with and guiding growing CPG brands to help them scale sustainably, become healthy(ier) trading partners, reach their growth goals and get in front of consumers seeking their products! Her experience and expertise across CPG, food and grocery retail combined with her passion for product discovery is at the heart of the Emerge Network. She has worked in advertising and brand management for QSR and casual dining brands such as McDonald’s and D’Angelo Sandwich Shops, was previously the Director of Marketing for Divine Chocolate, and leveraged her brand and marketing strategy expertise during her time at Ahold, Whole Foods Market and Earth Fare.

She believes in the power of genuine, meaningful and aligned connection that drives intentional and inspired action, momentum and results. She enjoys reaching into every level of the customer experience to deliver meaningful and memorable value and connection. Julie is a natural networker who is committed to learning, growing and evolving both professionally and personally.