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SNAC and Georgetown University host Virtual Emerging Leaders Program: “Staying Energized and Engaged: Building Pride, Building Resilience”

Over 40 graduates of SNAC’s Emerging Leaders Programs (ELP) gathered virtually last week to hear from Georgetown University Professor of Management, Robert Bies. Professor Bies led attendees through interactive group tasks, lively discussions, and engaging lectures on staying energized and finding “your why” during COVID-19. The group also discussed creating positive narratives as a key contributor to building a culture of pride, moving through adversity and creating practices to build resilience. Attendees broke out into small groups to get to know each other in an intimate setting and learn from one another’s trials and best practices. This program provided an opportunity to bring members together to network and foster vitality and focus during these times.

What Attendees are Saying

“These events are always energizing and thought stimulating. I leave feeling ready to approach things differently.”

Carly Rain Adams,

LC America

“The session was informative and interactive, and I really enjoyed it."

Patrick Avelange,

TNA North America 

“This session reinvigorated the passion I already have for my profession. It's great to know we are all working through this difficult time with a positive mindset despite the drastic changes.”

Christine Avila,

Anita's Snacks

“These courses have been some of my favorite to attend from a motivational standpoint. The information is always relevant and applicable. I look forward to ELP 3.0 and beyond.”

Aspen Burkhardt,

LifeSpice Ingredient

“Thank you so much for putting the program together. I enjoyed the content, the interaction, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to participate.”

Guisselle Cedillo,

Campbell Snacks

“This is a great opportunity for key leaders in our industry to network and grow together. It was nice to learn that everyone is facing the same obstacles this year and finding positives in the midst of a pandemic.”

Haley Flynn,

Utz Brands

“ Thank you for providing such a great session during these trying times! The session was very engaging and provided great advice and insight into improving morale and resilience within ourselves and our teams. Great job!”

Rebecca Langley,

Truco Enterprises

“Thank you for this program. I had flashbacks from the on-site program during this virtual one - it was a great way to recall things I learned. I also really enjoy talking with others in the snack industry and hearing their stories. That was my favorite part of this session.”

Sarah Shebesta,

Shearer's Snacks