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Cindy kuester, director of sales, snak king

SNAC Cast episode 5

In This Episode:

As an industry veteran, Cindy Kuester discusses her 28 years in the food industry working across functions including: sales and marketing, operations, human resources and product development serving a wide variety of channels. She shares her belief in the importance of hard work, learning the details and passion for the job. Compared to the beginning of her career, Kuester notes the steadily increasing rate of women in management positions today and the need for companies to be flexible with working mom’s crowded schedules. Kuester closes by discussing a few of her mentors, lessons learned, and the value of networking because “no one succeeds alone”.

“In my early 20's, I can't tell you how many times I was asked if my father owned the company — it was a little off-putting, but I came to kind of expect that I had to prove myself because that was the first impression a lot of people had. You just didn’t see a lot of young women out traveling on their own in the food industry at that time."

Cindy Kuester

About The Speaker:

Cindy Kuester

Cindy Kuester is Director of Sales for Snak King Corp., an innovative snack manufacturer focused on providing solutions to retailers, marketers, and consumers in the food industry. Previous leadership roles have included V.P. of Sales and Marketing, management of Human Resources, and cross functional strategic management of Finance and Operations.

Currently Cindy serves as Co-Chair of the WinS committee for SNAC International. Cindy received her B.S. in Criminal Justice from the University of Central Missouri. She and her husband Jamie currently live in Wisconsin and have one son, Gavin (22). She enjoys spending time with her family, water sports, and cheering on the Green Bay Packers.

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