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The Snack Report - June 20, 2014

Register Now for the HACCP Certification Program, July 22-23, Los Angeles, CA

Register Now for the Quality & Innovation Management Course Free of Charge - Space is Limited

SFA CEO Sends Letter to Senate Supporting Transportation Amendment

SFA Members Ramp Up Federal GMO Efforts

Snyder's-Lance Completes Acquisition of Baptista's Bakery

Kraft Attracting Millennial, Hispanic and Limited Budget Shoppers

Inventure Foods Adds Kettle Cooked Chips to Vidalia Brand

Senate Appropriations "Minibus" Update

FDA Approves Consumer Study on Contentious Area of Nutrition Facts Label

FDA May Soon Release Sodium Reduction Plan

Panera Pressured to go GMO Free

U.S. Consumers Willing to Pay More for Protein-Enriched Foods

Healthier Food Competition Grows

Cereals Increasingly Eaten Outside Breakfast

eatKeenwa Finds Success Through Tenacity

Blue Diamond Introduces Several Varieties of Honey Flavored Nuts

The Pork Rind Factory Installs LED Lighting

PepsiCo Builds R&D Facility in Mexico

Brazilians Influenced by Media When Buying Snacks

Private Label Brands Struggling in France

The Snack Report - May 30, 2014

Membership Value in Training: HACCP Certification Offered at a Reduced Rate, July 22-23 Los Angeles, CA

SFA Welcomes Aboard New Government Affairs Manager, Kailee Tkacz

SFA Webinar Series Continues June 4 with Genetically Modified Organisms: Discussing the Issue and its Impact on the Snack Food Industry

Membership Value in Education: Take Advantage of the FREE Quality and Innovation Management Course in 2014

Herr's Introduces Good Natured Selects

Member Support Needed: Stop the Ambush Election Rule

California Rejects GMO Labeling Bill

EWG Comes Out Against Renewable Fuel Standard

School Meal Nutrition Opt-Out Legislation Passes House Committee

Michelle Obama Fights to Defend School Lunch Program

Concerns Over the 2015 Dietary Guidelines

Jackson County, Oregon Bans GMO Crops

FDA To Hold Meeting on Nutrition Facts Labels

Snacking Catches Up to Meals In Popularity

Private Labels Continue Gaining Market Share

Convenience Store Landscape Undergoing Changes

California Walnut Board Overwhelmingly Voted to Continue Operations

ACE Introduces Two Varieties of Crostini

California Pistachio Nuts Beginning to Grow

Companies Demand E-Cigarette Manufacturers Stop Using Snack Names

Benefits of Pistachios and Prunes Displayed In Japan

The Snack Report - May 23, 2014

Free Member Webinar on June 4: Genetically Modified Organisms: Discussing the Issue and its Impact on the Snack Food Industry 
SFA To Hold 1st Ever Snack Food HACCP Certification Training Course at Discounted Rate: July 22-23 near Los Angeles Airport 
SFA Hosts PA Plant Tours for Staff of Senate Agriculture Committee's Ranking Member, Sen. Thad Cochran (R-MS) 
SFA Supports American Jobs for America's Heroes
Peter Schneider to Succeed Mike Ganacoplos as BPA President
Snacks Bump PepsiCo's Global Reach 3%
Snyder's Lance Adds Two New Varieties to Cape Cod Line
Boulder Canyon Launches Ancient Grain Chips
Food Manufacturers Seek Increased Food Safety Funding
FDA to Extend Comment Period on Proposed Nutrition Facts Label Rules
UN Calls for Unhealthy Food Tax
Sabra Seeks Official Hummus Standard
Congressmen Seek to Waive Fresh Produce Mandate
Companies React to Public Perception of GMOs
USDA Updates Import Safeguards
Nut Allergies Color Mothers' Perceptions of Snacks
Global Demand for Nuts Strong
David's Cookies Acquires Jeff's Gourmet Pies
Consumers Likely to Spend More on Food and Snacks After Harsh Winter
Snack Foods Rank High in Brand Ranking
Russian Peanut Market Continues Expansion

The Snack Report - May 19, 2014

SFA Honors the Passing of Jerrol W. Almond

SFA to Offer FDA Guidance on Sodium

SFA Encourages Participation In Facts UP Front (FUF) Labeling Initiative, Offers SFA Members FUF Style Guide Free of Charge

Webinar on Ingredients and Naturally Occurring Chemicals Available to Members

Herr's Introduces New Varieties to Old Bay Line

B&G Continues Innovation in its Products

Transportation Issue Spotlight: FMCSA Proposes to Amend Driver Coercion Rules

GMO Labeling Would Increase Annual NY Food Costs by $500

Activists Start Petition for GMO Labeling in Oregon

Renewable Fuel Standard Hurts Food Industry As Well

Bill Targets Tax Deductibility of Junk-food Marketing

Science Not on the Side of GMO Labeling

Kellogg Company Introduces Multiple New Snacks

Mondelez Promotes Oreos in its First Global Movie Tie-In popchips inc. Introduces Line of Vegetable Chips

Preferred Popcorn Named Exporter of the Year

Spending to Remain Flat Amid Price Increases

New CLIF Bars Available in Canada

The Snack Report - May 12, 2014

CAST Releases Paper on The Potential Impacts of Mandatory Labeling for Genetically Engineered Food in the United States

Free Member Webinar on Food Policy Issues Scheduled for May 15: Snack Ingredients & Naturally Occurring Chemicals

April 30 Webinar on School Wellness Issues Available Now

Snyder's-Lance to Acquire Baptista's Bakery

Snyder's-Lance to Sell Private Brands

Planters Introduces Four New Peanut Flavors to Line

Vermont GMO-Labeling Bill Signed Into Law

Grocery Manufacturers Association to Fight Vermont GMO-Labeling Law

Companies Seek to Avoid "Patchwork" of GMO Laws

Praise for the Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act

GMO-Labeling Should be Based on Fact, Not Fear

Support for Reduction of Biofuel Blending Mandates

Despite Increase In Florida, Spring Potato Crop Forecast To Decline 5%

Snacking Rises as Lunch Declines

Generation Z, Millenials and Hispanics to Drive Future Market for Food

Consumers Turn to Private Brands, But Opt To Pay More For Quality

Yogurt Becomes New York's Official State Snack

Africa Benefiting from China's Increasing Demand For Snacks

Israel to Rethink Kosher Import Standards

The Snack Report - April 25, 2014

SFA Member Webinar Series Continues with April 30 Session on School Wellness Issues: What Snack Manufacturers Need to Know

SFA Offers Members Facts Up Front Style Guide for Implementers, CEO Tom Dempsey Encourages Participation In Voluntary Labeling Initiative

SFA Encourages Member Support of Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act

Reading Bakery Hires Sales Manager for Latin America

B&G Completes Acquisition of Specialty Brands

Frito-Lay Expands Air Pops, Launches Twistos

SFA Consultants Attend Annual Food and Drug Law Institute Conference

Vermont Passes First GMO-labeling Bill

Ethanol Boom Raises Food Prices Across Industry

Average Potato Chip Prices Declining, Reports USDA

Hillshire Brand to Acquire Van's Natural Foods popchips Increase Bag Size and Reformulate Flavors

Navitas Naturals Introduces Superfood+ Seeds and Nuts

POP! Gourmet Popcorn Introduces Three New Varieties

Health Benefits of Chocolate Researched

Hershey Strategizes Expansion in New Markets

The Snack Report - April 11, 2014

SFA Encourages Member Support of Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act

Registration Open for SFA's Facts Up Front Webinar--April 15

SFA Commends Members' Dedication, Wrapping Up the 2014 Legislative Summit

Reddi-wip Gives ConAgra a Heaping Opportunity

Pepsi Inks Deal to Develop Salt Replacements, Debuts New Offerings

CSAF Grateful for GMO Labeling Act Proposal

FDA Offers Guidance on Honey Labels

FTC Investigates Yelp Complaints

Snack Ingredient Removes Toxins from the Body

Easter Candy Sales Set to Rise

Wal-Mart to Expand Organic Offerings

Family Dollar Looks to Cut Expenses, Close Stores

Mondelez Firms Up the Future by Spending in the Present

Clif Bar Launches New Organic Bar

Peeps to be Seen Year-Round

Cocoa Grindings Up in Europe

Wal-Mart Hopes for India Expansion

The Snack Report - April 4, 2014

Attend SFA's 2014 Legislative Summit: April 9-10 in Washington, DC!

Facts Up Front Webinar from SFA, April 15--Register Now!

SFA ACTION ALERT: Oppose NLRB "Ambush" Election Rule

Pepsi Honored by EPA Award

New Offerings from Herr's

U.S. Senator: FDA User Fees Unlikely

Major Blow to COOL Critics

U.S. Sugar Industry Accuses Mexico of Dumping

Vending Tax Exemption Passes in New York

States Starting New Round of Food Stamp Cuts

Georgia Waits for USDA's Food Stamp Decision

Peanut Usage In Snacks On The Rise

Mintel States Nut-Based Spread Sales Still Growing

Spicy Asian Foods Popular with Consumers

U.S. to See Smaller Avocado Crop

Annie's Inc. Finalizes Safeway Snack Facility

Mondelez Releases New Offerings

Specialty Food Sales Reach Record-High In 2013

Snacks & Candy Account For 10% Of C-Store Sales

B&G to Acquire Specialty Brands of America

Family Dollar Adds Food Items

7-Eleven Expands In Japan

The Snack Report - March 28, 2014

Attend SFA's 2014 Legislative Summit: April 9-10 in Washington, DC!

Nutrition Facts Labeling Webinar Available in Member Resources...

SFA is also Pleased To Offer Three New Upcoming Webinars on: Facts Up Front Labeling, Dietary Guidelines and the School Wellness Program, as well as Ingredients and Naturally Occurring Chemicals and PHOs 

Frito-Lay's Introduces New Pretzel 

FDA: We're Sticking with Voluntary GMO Labeling, User Fees Up in the Air

House Lawmakers Roll back NLRB's Grasp

Navajo Nation Council being asked to Override Junk Food Tax Veto

FMCSA Proposes New E-Logging Device Proposal

Saturated Fat Study Gets Corrected

Trans Fat Crackdown: Here are Two Practical Alternatives to a Blanket Ban on PHOs, Industry Tells FDA

No Link between Food Ingredients and Hives/Allergic Reactions, Study Finds

Snickers Producer Opens First Plant in Decades

New Imported Confectionery Data Released by FAS

Bimbo Bakeries to Close Long Island Facility

Flowers Foods Continues to Expand

Wal-Mart's Profit Decided by the Feds?

No Health Concerns Found in Foods Tested for Acrylamide

When Is a Food Not a Snack?

Mail-Order Snacking Site Uses Technology to Help Consumers

French Parliamentary Report Pushes 'Fast-Food' Tax

The Snack Report - March 14, 2014

SFA's Johnson to Lead Regulatory Webinar, Members Attend FREE!

SFA's 2014 Legislative Summit: April 9-10 in Washington, DC-SFA Members Attend FREE

SFA and IRI Presents: State of the Snack Food Industry

SFA Partners with America's Heros for Veteran Employment

SFA and CSAF Seek Standards for GMO Labeling

Moye Moves in as VP Sales with RBS

Snyder's Launches New Offerings

USDA Opens Up Comment Period for Farm Bill

White House to Seek Overtime for Certain Employees

Mondelez Looks to a More Global Approach

Walnut Farmers Try to Remain Optimistic Amid Dry Conditions

IRI Reports Most Successful 2013 Launches

Mintel: Millennials Share More than Boomers

Mars Inc. Looks to Push Green Policy

Palm Oil Falls Amid Weakened Demand

Chobani Hopes to Part with 20% Sell-Off

Snack Distributor to Open New Facility

China's Sweet for Hershey

Lindt Establishes New Retail Concept

Food Processing in Canada is Heating Up