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Snack Report is a weekly electronic newsletter that SNAC International members read to obtain timely information on current government issues and regulatory affairs, industry trends and events, member news, and SNAC International activities and involvement in programs. SNAC International members consider the Snack Report a must-read each week.

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The Snack Report - October 3, 2014

SFA Joins Colorado, Oregon No on GMO Labeling Coalitions

SFA Participates in Employer Voter Registration Week

SFA Webinar: Misbranded and Natural Claim Lawsuits

Revamped SFA Website to be Launched Soon!

Correction: SFA's Annual Executive Leadership Forum Photo

PepsiCo Seeks Patent for 'Fizzy' Candy

Popcorn Indiana Expands Several Product Lines

Frito-Lay Files Patent for Chunky 3D Snacks

Archer Daniels Midland to Form New Ingredients Unit

FSMA Re-Proposal Summaries

Online Tool Shares FDA's Inspection, Compliance & Recall Data

Report: GMO Labeling Would Cost Consumers $2.30 per Year

Groups Urge International Trade Deal to Include GMO Labeling

CSPI Petitions USDA to Outlaw Salmonella

Study: Lower Calorie Foods Driving Growth

Report: How People Snack Around the World

Public Health Officials Still Want Salt Reduced

Colored Potatoes Double Antioxidant Activity in Extruded Snacks: Study

Diamond Foods to Keep Pace with Snack Trends

Popcorn Sales on the Rise

Blue Point Capital Partners Divests JTM Foods Shares

Sabra Expands Plant, Names New CEO

China Launches Media Campaign to Back GM Crops

UK Food and Drink Companies See Margins 'Flatline'

Graze Launches Big Box Varieties of Snacks

EU Health Chief to Look at GM Crop Laws

The Snack Report - September 26, 2014

SFA Holds Executive Leadership Forum in Cape Cod

TNA Launches Auto-Splice Packaging System

Keystone Food Products Earns Non-GMO Certification

FDA Unveils Four Revised FSMA Rules

SNAP Participants Have Lower Dietary Scores than Non-SNAP Participants

2014 Food Facility Biennial Registration Renewal

CDC Report Says Children Eat Too Much Sodium

Industry Reformulation is the Only Route to Better Nutrition, Says Expert

Boomers vs. Millennials on Snacking

Peanuts vs. Potato Chips for Energy and Satiety: Study

Dry Roasting Peanuts Linked to Allergic Reactions

Hormel Revives Skippy Brand

Salty Snacks One of Top Specialty Food Items

Potato Crop Value Hits $3.93 Billion

Spicy Flavors on the Rise

Food Companies Offer Global Plan to Combat Childhood Obesity

Australia's Manufacturers Still Not Fully on Board with Salt Reduction

The Snack Report - September 12, 2014

Last Chance to Register for SFA's Executive Leadership Forum

Register for an Exclusive SFA Webinar: "What the Snack Food Industry Needs to Know about the Obama Administration's Labor Agenda"

SFA Files Vermont GMO Motion in Federal District Court

August Issue of Snack World Now Available

SFA Thanks Member Sponsors for the Upcoming Executive Leadership Forum

Evolution of Success: SFA Member Profile: Axium Foods, Inc.

Keeping Pace with a Changing Industry: Associate Member Profile: Reading Bakery Systems

CDC: Children Ingest Too Much Salt

Colorado Lawmakers: GMO Labeling Will Result in Higher Food Prices

Taxing Packaged Food While Subsidizing Healthier Foods Can Encourage People to Make Meaningful Dietary Changes

FSMA Revisions "Very Close" to Being Released

SNAP Use Starting to Decline

Consider Donating Product to your Elected Officials

Tomorrow's Food Factory: A Sneak Preview

Some Companies Opt for Smaller Package Sizes Instead of Reformulating

ProTings: The Next Snacking Craze in the Chips Aisle?

Snacking Becomes One of Campbell's Top Segments

General Mills Acquires Annie's to Bolster Snack Offerings

Billion Pound Pistachio Crop in California's Future

Leo's Food to Shutter Tortilla Plant

Skinnygirl Introduces Variety of Dips

California to have Record Walnut Harvest

Mondelez on Pace with Wellness and Sustainability Goals

Mediterra to Sell Savory Nutrition Bars at Natural Grocers

Ocean's Halo Receives Organic Certification for Seaweed Chips

British Snack Producer for Sale

The Snack Report - September 5, 2014

Register for an Exclusive SFA Webinar: "What the Snack Food Industry Needs to Know about the Obama Administration's Labor Agenda"

Register for SFA's Executive Leadership Forum

Snyder's-Lance Appoints Dan Morgan as Chief Sales Officer

Senators Seek to Restore Focus on Child Marketing

FDA to Update Redbook

Proposed Study to Analyze Trucker Compensation with Crash Rates

FMCSA Weighs Options of Negotiated Rulemaking

Most States Failing on Obesity

Spending on both Sides of GMO Labeling Battle Growing

Consumers Want Clarity in Food Labeling

Big Brands Catering to Kid's Health

'Junk Food' Could Reduce Appetite for Healthier Balanced Diet

People Snack More During Action Movies

Wellwater Use May Affect Almond Crop

Candyland Defends "Chicago Mix" Branding

Pistachios Help Combat Diabetes

1-800-FLOWERS Acquires Harry & David

No Great Change to Acrylamide and Furan Levels, Says FSA Safety Report

The Snack Report - August 29, 2014

SFA Mourns the Loss of Snyder's-Lance Chairman of the Board, Michael Warehime

Last Chance to Register for SFA's Quality & Innovation Management Course, Sept. 8-12 in Columbus- Register Now

Register for an Exclusive SFA Webinar: "What the Snack Food Industry Needs to Know about the Obama Administration's Labor Agenda"

Register for SFA's Executive Leadership Forum

Frito-Lay's Recognized for Creativity and Innovation

Stephanie Lopez Appointed President of AIBI Certification Services

Colorado GMO Labeling Officially on Ballot

Commerce Slaps Preliminary Duties on Mexican Sugar Imports

Members of Congress Say No to FDA User Fees

Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee to Hold 5th Meeting

Transportation Employers: Are You Ready for an Audit "Tag Team?"

FMCSA Makes Progress on Two Proposed Rules

General Mills Files Patent to Cut Salt and Fat in Dough

Snacks Become Part of Main Meals

Companies Sell Veggies by Making them More Like Snack Foods

Sam's Club Looking for Local Snacks

Dare Foods Launches Peanut-Free Peanut Butter Flavored Snacks

7-Eleven Partners with Belly Loyalty Program

Duane Reade Plays Up Walgreens Connection

UK Salt Reduction Doesn't Reach Those Most in Need

The Snack Report - August 15, 2014

SFA Urges Suffolk County Executive to Veto Anti-Snack Legislation

SFA Submits Public Comments on Driver Coercion

Space Running Out for SFA's Quality & Innovation Management Course, Sept. 8-12 in Columbus- Register Now

Register for SFA's Executive Leadership Forum

Snyder's-Lance Benefits from Acquisition of Baptista

Snyder's-Lance Reinvents its Sandwich Crackers

Vermont AG Calls for Dismissal of GMO Lawsuit

GMO Labeling Advocates Spend Money on Colorado, Oregon Ballot Initiatives

App Allows Consumers to See Which Political Party Companies Support

McDonald's NLRB Ruling Spurs Industrywide Debate

Nutrition Facts Panel: ABA Concerned Over Fiber, Added Sugars, Time

Studies Find Conflicting Information on Salt Intake

Pistachios Associated with Heart Health

Kettle's 'Reduced Fat' Chip Lawsuit to Continue

Genetically Edited Foods Offer Alternative to GMOs

B&G Foods Relaunches Old London Melba

California Nuts May be Affected by Russian Ban

Popcorn Has Global Appeal

KuKuRuZa Expands Globally

The Snack Report - August 8, 2014

SFA Members Successfully Certified by International HACCP Alliance in Los Angeles, July 22-23

Register for SFA's Executive Leadership Forum

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SFA Submits Public Comments on the Nutrition Facts Panel

SFA CEO Meets Secretary of Agriculture

Herr's Introduces Go Lite! Popcorn

Manufactures Must Now Comply with Gluten Free Regulations

Official Ban on Imports Signed by Russian Prime Minister

'Added Sugars' a Recipe for Consumer Confusion, Study Finds

GMA Divided on FDA "Added Sugars" Mandate

Connecticut Democrats Want Front of Pack Food Labeling

Gallup: 45% of Consumers Seek Organic

U.S. Meat, Seafood Prices Rising on Drought and Disease: USDA

FDA Says GA Peanut Plan "Not Fit" to Make Food after Salmonella Outbreak

USDA Seeks Public Input on SNAP Benefits

2014 Global Color Conference to be held Sept. 30 to Oct. 1

J.M. Smucker Company to Acquire Sahale Snacks

Quaker Oats Settles Transfat Lawsuit

Idaho Potato Growers Face New Packing Requirements

B&G Expands Pirate's Booty Line

GPM Investments to Open 200 Convenience Stores

Walnuts Help Body Deal With Stress

EU Rejects French GMO Crop Ban Effort

Mars Opens Flagship Store in Shanghai

The Snack Report - August 1, 2014

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SFA Submits Public Comments on FMSA Transportation Proposed Rule

SFA Signs Joint Biotech Letter

Avery Receives Prestigious PepsiCo Nestor Cabonell Award

Scientists Urge Inclusion of "Added Sugars" on Nutrition Label

FMCSA, OSHA Join Forces to Fight Driver "Coercion"

U.S. Court Sides with COOL, WTO Decision Remains to be Seen

Europe Reaffirms Food Dye Safety Ahead of FDA Study

NLRB Rules McDonald's Corporate Could be Held Liable for Franchise Violations

Nutritionists Pan ASN Processed Foods Statement

Department of Interior Says No GMO's on National Wildlife Refuges

Kellogg's to Close Snack Manufacturing Plant

PepsiCo Executive Tapped as Target CEO

Tortilla Sales on the Rise

Corn Prices Fall to Lowest in Five Years

Salt Intake Remains Relatively Flat

Spider Mites Found in Georgia

Ebola Outbreak Hurting African Cocoa, Peanut Production


The Snack Report - July 25, 2014

Last Chance to Register for an SFA Webinar on the FSMA!

Register for SFA's Executive Leadership Forum

Register for SFA's Quality & Innovation Management Course

SFA Co-Sponsors Hot Dog Day on Capitol Hill; CEO Meets with Members of Congress

Hector Guerra Named President of Evans Food Group

Activists Groups File Motion to Help Vermont Defend GMO Labeling Law

Mandatory GMO Labeling Officially on the Oregon Ballot

Dietary Guidelines Committee Holds 4th Meeting

States "Rebel" Against Smart Snack Standards

Senate Agriculture Committee Holds Child Reauthorization Hearing

Des Moines Register: Congress Should Enact Mandatory GMO Labeling

Fighting Food: Consumers Revolt Online Encourages Corporate Participation

Retail Sales to Grow Despite Lowered Forecast

Mars Chocolate to Raise Prices

Campbell's to Introduce New Products Including Snacks

Nana's Nola Launches Gluten-Free Granola Bites

Tasty Brand Launches Sandwich Creme Cookies

Universal Robina to Acquire Griffin's Foods

The Snack Report - July 18, 2014

Last Chance to Register for SFA's HACCP Certification Workshop, July 22-23, Los Angeles, CA

Register Now for an SFA Exclusive Webinar: "Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA): How the Snack Food Industry Can Prepare for Pending Implementation"

SFA Staff and Consultants Take Utz Factory Tour

SFA to Co-Host Annual Capitol Hill Hot Dog Day

SFA Submits Dietary Guidelines Public Comments

PepsiCo Foundation Invests $1.25 Million in School Programs

AIB International Launches Online HACCP Course

Frito-Lay's Do Us a Flavor Contest Finalists to Hit Store Shelves

ConAgra Cookie Facility Becomes Nut-Free

Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee Convenes

Kessler: FDA's Proposed Nutrition Labeling Changes Don't Go Far Enough

Sodium Concern Not Growing, Study Finds

No Consensus on U.S./Mexican Sugar Complaint

Vermont Survey: Where Should GMO Labels be Placed on Packages?

USDA Provides $13 Million for Organic Certification

Replacing Sugary or Fatty Snacks with Nuts Linked to Heart Health

GMO Opponents Ignore Benefits of GMO Foods

Value of Roasted Nuts Triples in Five Years

Canada to Change Nutrition Labels